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Our Story

Soles of Luv was born in the heart of founder Cathy Crawford. After learning of a need that existed in the elementary school located next to her parish, it was brought to her attention that there were many children within the school who had no socks or underwear. In addition, many of them were wearing a parent or older sibling’s shoes that were either way too big or too small and often tattered. Cathy, who was already leading initiatives to feed and clothe the homeless, took it upon herself to attempt to meet the need and provide for these students that most of us take for granted. She contacted local schools and together with a group of friends began providing new shoes and socks for the children. Word of this spread quickly and soon schools began to contact her asking for her help. Soles of Luv was then formed.

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The men and women volunteer their time and efforts. There are no salaries and we operate solely on donations.

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